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About Claudia

Luxury Travel Advisor

With 20+ years of experience in group travel, I have planned, organized & escorted fabulous group trips all over Europe and the Caribbean. Ocean cruises, river cruises, ski & winter exploration trips, women empowerment summits & themed trips to Vegas....I've done it all. From two to 200 travelers, I have always loved bringing people together and creating exciting experiences of a lifetime through travel.


I am so excited to be able to focus on planning unforgettable travel experiences for singles, couples, families or groups. I also specialize in culinary travel, sustainable journeys, girls getaways, beach vacations & of course all kinds of group trips; both escorted and on your own.


Let's talk about where you want to go next & how we can make it an amazing vacation for you!

What Our Clients Say

Alisa Male, Delaware

Claudia is amazing! She is a true pleasure to work with and travel with. Her expertise in group travel is unmatched and you can expect all details handled with a fun vibe and a friendly smile. I've traveled with her for over two decades and can't recommend her enough! 

Leslie Grizzard, Virgina

I have Travel(ed) With Claudia for 25 years.  Each adventure has been  extraordinary.  Stunning Locations, Amazing Itineraries, Excellent accommodations.  She is a true professional!

Karen Snyder, Florida

Claudia took all the worries out of travel planning, and answered all of our questions and emails thoroughly and promptly.  She treated us like family, giving us advice on everything including: what to pack, how and when to snag the best dinner reservations, and what the best shows and excursions are.  We will definitely book again with Travel By Claudia

Kelly Wilson, Maryland

"Traveling with Claudia", her amazing knack of thorough research in order to coordinate your plans pushes your experiences to the edge!!!  I know, with each trip I have joined, that it will be top notch all the way - and never disappoints!!! 

Mary Beth Roberts, Delaware

Special shout out to Travel by Claudia for dotting every i, crossing every t and making every day spectacular, with her great recommendations and VIP treatment! It would not have been the same experience without you at the helm & on the trip. I look forward to future travel adventures with you!

Joseph Hale, Virgina

We had an awesome time. Claudia took care of everything. She kept us informed about changes and made sure that our trip would be stress free and a lot of fun. She had great suggestions of things to do, and places to dine. We hope to “Travel with Claudia” again soon.

Nora Ryan, Florida

Claudia did an excellent job planning our New Years Cruise and providing us good information as we prepared to go. Her personality and attention to detail make her a wonderful person to work with. So much so, that we are already planning our next trip - an safari in Tanzania - with her. Thank you, Claudia!"

Ian Cruz, Maryland

Travel with Claudia reminds me of the slogan for Mercedes-Benz… “The Best or Nothing”

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